Finally updating things

It definitely been a very long time since this site has been updated (or pretty much even glanced at). Not promising anything, but I’ve at least a few things haha.

Oh, top two posts, by far, are Zune Windows XP Theme and Windows XP – Windows Royal Theme (mostly because of people googling for the themes or clicking through from Codejacked)

International Weblogger’s Day

I hadn’t known this until I was browsing random holidays/observances on Wikipedia today, but today (June 14th) is International Weblogger’s Day.

New Theme and plugin

I changed the theme to Derek Punsalan’s October Special. The reason for this change is that I realized the comments on the last one were not working properly.

I also added 30boxes buddy card plugin, so when you post a comment and use your 30boxes email it will pull up your profile card and account’s picture.

Thats all for know. Soon I’ll be able to focus on the site more.

Weekend Deals

A few deals have caught my eye this weekend (ok so I saw them all in email newsletters) and I thought I’d share.

Personaly I’m considering buying the 4GB Flash Drive or the graphics card if it works with my PC). I realize it is by no means the best, but it blows my 5200FX out of the water and still leaves room to run duel cards.

Any great deals you want to share?

StarCraft 2 Announced

StarCraft 2: Hell, it’s about time

As the gaming world expected, StarCraft 2 was announced on May 19th. Here is the press release, official site, and the page. There doesn’t appear to be a release date yet. It seems SC2 will continue the story as it was left by Brood War. This time the game will be in 3D. At this time there are only the three races, but there will be a “number of distinct new units to the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg, and even some of the familiar units that return in StarCraft II will have new tricks up their sleeves.” will also receive an overhauling so it can handle the multiplayer features of SC2.

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